Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Why only few students read newspaper

People read newspaper such as Berita Harian, Kosmo, News Strait Time and Sinar Harian. Newspaper gives us a lot of latest information about the issues around us either in or out country. During break and lunch time, student and stuff always take along with them newspaper. Reading newspaper give a lot of information but only a few students read newspaper because students not interest with this kind of reference, they can surf news-online and they have no time to read newspaper.
Firstly, almost all students not really interested to read newspaper. They more pay their attention on reading magazines, novel, and book on what they are study. Students focus on what they aimed. Almost of them, ignore the newspaper and much more read on books on what they are study to complete their assignment and to get information on their research.
Secondly, time is gold. Lately, student is very busy with their assignment and task that given by lecturer. Besides, they want to study the learning outcomes to get high scores in their examination. Most of them did not read newspaper because they have no time to read the newspaper. So, this kind of students updated their knowledge about the latest news around by watching news on television. Besides that, they can know by gossiping and also from their friends.
Lastly, computer and internet facility is very easy to get and use. Along of the stall and road and also at college and hostels there will available wireless network for the students in the campus. This facility gave opportunity to the students to get online and surfing internet easily. Reading news-online is faster than buy the newspaper. Besides, they can read news-online everywhere they want. Moreover, they can save their pocket money from buying the newspaper.
As a conclusion, although only a few students read the newspaper, this does not mean that they do to keep up-to-date with the latest news. Some of them, get latest news from their lecturer, friends and also when they surfing the internet. Newspaper is also important if some time there no have any electric or any connection.

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